Washi is a traditional Japanese paper made out of plant fibers taken from natural kozo or mitsumata. This paper owns unique qualities. For its water absorbency, washi protects the house as a wallpaper or becomes a fusuma traditional door for its sound absorbing properties. Because washi transmits light it is used to create lampshades or partitions known as shoji. Washi has a smooth surface where brushes slides perfectly, making it ideal for Japanese calligraphy, shodo.Shifu is an ancient technique that turns washi into a thread combined with cotton or silk to create weaves. This process allows to get a durability that cannot be found in washi paper sheet. Shifu has been used in Japan for over 300 years to produce a wide range of clothing and textiles.

Panel 1


Business bag featuring a sandwich structure.
The silhouette features an unusual sharp edge aesthetic. Can store laptops with 15” screens.

Dimensions: W475xD110xH400mm

Panel 2


A small tote bag folded like an origami, ideal for
a one day trip.

Dimensions: W300xD630xH10mm

Panel 3


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